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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่) Province is the hub of Thailand’s northern region. It is also the largest and most culturally important city of the northern region. It is located on Ping River valley and amidst the highest mountain in the country which result in low temperature during the cool season in comparison to other regions in Thailand. Its abundance of natural resources brings about a number of spectacular tourist destinations. Alongside, the rich and indigenous cultural identity and traditions reflect the charm of the region namely diverse dialects, cuisine, handicrafts, festivals and architecture. Meanwhile, Chiang Mai is also a vibrant and modern city. One will never get bored when travelling in the province as there is a great diversity of things to do. Ladies will be pleased by shopping spree that Chiang Mai has to offer. Unique cuisine of the region as well as international food will satisfy all palates. A wide range of accommodations ranges from simple homestays to luxurious hotels.

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