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Quang Nam’s Noodles, Danang Vietnam

Like Hue beef noodle soup and Hanoi beef noodle soup, Quang Nam’s noodle is made from noodle and broth too. However, noodles – the main ingredient of the dish have two types: white noodle is made of rice only and the yellow is made from rice and turmeric. The broth is cooked from pork bones for fatty flavor and high nutrition. The amount broth used is not as much as in Hue beef noodle soup and Hanoi beef noodle soup. That makes Quang Nam’s noodles differ from the other kinds of noodle in Vietnam.

Quang Nam’s noodle is served in a bowl that contains noodles, broth and variety of toppings. Toppings for Quang Nam’s noodles are very diverse: some slice of pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp or a half of boiled egg. Besides, roasted peanut, fresh vegetable and toasted Vietnamese sesame rice cracker are also added on the top of the bowl for authentic taste of Quang Nam’s noodles. That unique noodle can be offered as a fine dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner also.

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