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Vietnam Women’s Museum

Vietnam Women’s Museum Hanoi belongs to Vietnam Women’s Union that was established under Decision No.09/CT dated January 10th 1987 of the Chairman of the Council Ministers of the Republic Socialist of Vietnam. With an exhibition area of nearly 2000 m2 and storage system with more than 25.000 documents, they are reflecting the contribution of Vietnam’s women in the history and temporary life.

The museum is the knowledge media center about history and culture of Vietnam’s women. This place is also where culture exchanges between Vietnam’s women and women in the world with the equality, peaceful and developmental goals. Diversity, innovation are what the Vietnam Women’s Museum has tried to meet the needs of visitors. The display system includes the subject: women in the family, women in history, fashion for women: tradition and modernity. Besides, the Vietnam Women’s Museum Hanoi also organizes programs for public, educational activities, seminars, cooperation and development.

The display system of the Vietnam Women’s Museum Hanoi is opened on the occasion of 80th anniversary of October 20th 2010 of Vietnam Women’s Union. The impression gives visitors that are the modern style on display with the colors which reflects the images of women in the life. With an exhibition area of 1500m2, 971 documents, artifacts and 21 documentary film, visitors will have opportunity to explore and experience the unique culture of the ethnic women.

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