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Thien Hau Pagoda

Built by the Cantonese Congregation in the early 19th century, this gorgeous pagoda is dedicated to the deity Thien Hau and always has a mix of worshippers and visitors, who mingle beneath the large coils of incense suspended overhead.

It is believed that Thien Hau can travel over the oceans on a mat and ride the clouds to wherever she pleases. Her mobility allows her to save people in trouble on the high seas. The Goddess is very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which might explain why this pagoda is included on so many tour-group itineraries.

Though there are guardians to each side of the entrance, it is said that the real protectors of the pagoda are the two land turtles that live here. There are intricate ceramic friezes above the roof line of the interior courtyard. Near the large braziers are two miniature wooden structures in which a small figure of Thien Hau is paraded around the nearby streets on the 23rd day of the third lunar month.

On the main dais are three figures of Thien Hau, one behind the other, all flanked by two servants or guardians. To the right is a scale-model boat and on the far right is the Goddess Long Mau, Protector of Mothers and Newborns. To the left of the dais is Thien Hau’s bed.

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