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The Tran Family Chapel

No one has the courage to state which exact place in Hoi An is most ancient and beautiful, but many people know the Tran Family Chapel is one of the oldest and most historical houses in this city. Located on the 21st, Le Loi Street, the house is a famous destination of Hoi An because it was built by Tran Tu Nhac, an intelligent and highly-respected governor in the Gia Long dynasty, as a reminder for the following generations to maintain the family long tradition.

The house has become well-known for its Asian style of architecture: one main part for worshiping, and one supplemental part which houses the leader of family and his guests. The house and the garden were built in harmony following strictly the rules of Feng Shui. Every year, the Tran Family Chapel is still the gathering place for all members of the family to meet and express their thankfulness to their ancestors.

If you are in love with the unique and historical atmosphere of ancient sites, a visit to the Tran Family Chapel will be one of the most remarkable parts of your Hoi An experience, as history and tradition are not only imbued in every corner of this house, they are still living.

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