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Travel Que Herb Village

Tra Que vegetable village located in Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An Town (Quang Nam). Tra Que vegetable were famous for a long time with many vegetable products were grown on fertile soil, fertilized with seaweed from Co Co River so they have own unique flavor.

Tra Que is not only a brand known for making high-quality fresh vegetables, but also as an attractive destination for travelers inside and outside of the country. In warm spring weather, we went to Tra Que village to enjoy aromatic floral aftertaste of vegetables and watch the local people to organize tourism.

Vegetable- growers

Tra Que vegetable village is far from center of Hoi An town over 3 km north-west of Da Nang and less than 20km to the south. The village currently has 220 households work on agriculture, which has 130 households crop rotative vegetable, intercropping on an area of ​​40 ha. From past to present, Tra Que vegetable village was famous for over 20 types of leaf vegetables and herbs, especially a variety of delicious vegetables and nowhere as delicious as such as basil, perilla, etc. When the vegetables mixed together will meet five flavours: spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, acrid.

Thanks to that special flavor, Tra Que vegetable has contributed to the popularity of rustic food in Hoi An and Quang Nam.Onions and cilantro combined with jellyfish salad, sour soup; cabbage and coriander, etc used to cook pot; flagrant knotwed, basil, green onion used in mixture mussel dish in Nam Cam area. Quang noodles must eat with Tra Que vegetables to see the delicious combination of natural flavors.

According to farmers Tran Ke, Tra Que vegetables must first “clean” from selecting land and water systems are not contaminated. The soil is increased the fertility and spongy by the muck, fertilizer made from draft entries. The traditional method to plant and care are applied by local people with technological advances to produce fresh vegetables in a closed process. Thus, it not affects to environment, to growers and especially not directly affects to consumers.

The vegetable villages organize tourism

Come to Tra Que, visitors can enjoy traditional dishes of shrimp of vegetable villages. This dish is indispensable in anniversary of somebody’s death, worshiping neighbors; family and worship guest of honour. The processors are not picky, but should have all the ingredients are ground shrimp, pork and vegetables grown on the land of Tra Que. Is it because the taste of vegetables, wine cups of ground shrimp and “peach” wine of passionate Quang Nam or charming landscape which each year has more than 1,000 foreign tourists visit the Village Vegetable Que.

Tra Que vegetables village are making tourism like no one. Over 30 farmers began work on tourism. They buy some farmers clothes, slippers, hat and build houses for visitors to rest. Visitors will be presented how to dig, plant, water and fertilize vegetables. But before working as “farmers”, they will “see” delight Tra Que vegetables on display at the point of introduction at home to welcome guests.

After bathing, relaxation, guests will enjoy dishes made from Tra Que green vegetables and endemic “memorable delicacies” such as dam cookies of Quang Nam, cauldron cakes, mussels mixing, shrimp, Quang noodles, Hoi An noodles, etc. “Tra Que vegetable village is beautiful. Local people are naive and very friendly to visitors. If there is an opportunity to return Hoi An, I will again visit Tra Que’’ Mr Houton- Australian visitors said that.

Tra Que vegetable farmers are optimistic because besides the well-known brand vegetables are more people looking to buy in Metro supermarkets and markets in the region, Tra Que traditional village vegetable is an attractive destination for tourists. According to Cao Ngoc Day- participants organized tour “homestay”, plan vegetables in Tra Que are not only delicious, quality assurance, but also … beautiful.

It’s really like to see the lettuce, broccoli, basil, onion, cilantro, coriander, etc are green on the long bed. Visitors to Tra Que was “mesmerized” by the bed of vegetables and hospitable hearts of residents did not hesitate to volunteer become “Tra Que vegetable village farmers.” They dig soil, plant vegetables, water and fertilize the vegetables. After a day working hard, the “farmer” will enjoy this cuisine “specialty” of this traditional village.

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