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Khai Dinh Tomb

Location: Chau Chu Mountain, outside Hue City in Vietnam

Though the smallest, Khai Dinh tomb is the most costly and recent compared with other Nguyen royal tombs. Inside the tomb there are two statues modelled the King: the one on the throne was scultured in Paris in 1920 by Ducuing and Barbedienne.

In order to complete the tomb, the rulers had to raise national tax to 30%. By then Vietnam sovereignty was lost to French colony and Western culture was prevailing all over the country. Consequently Khai Dinh tomb showed strong influence of French architecture.

Despite the Western feel of the main buildings, the landscape was arranged to reflect traditional perceptions: a balanced combination between wood, land, water and plants. The most notable place in Khai Dinh tomb is Thien Dinh palace, which contains bronze statues and steles of the King.

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