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Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh Attraction

Quan Lan Island is in Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province and 45km from the northeast of Halong City. It’s the first commercial sea-port of Vietnam built by Ly Dynasty. Quan Lan has an age-­long history, formerly well-known by seaport of Van Don since Ly Dynasty.

lt’s also reputed with a resounding victory by national hero Tran Khanh Du in 1288. Under his leadership, the Tran naval forces defeated a fleet of food-boat, led by Truong Quang Ho. The battle was a contribution to the 3rd victory of the nation over the Mongolian invaders.

Every year, on 18th of the sixth lunar month, the islanders open boat-race to celebrate the heroic Bach Dang victory and the battle on Mang River. Communal house on the island was built in 18th century, protected and preserved as it was in the past and it’s famous for its architectural arts with sculptural masterpieces.

Quan Lan is on an area of about 300km². Natural scenes on the island is very beautiful and attractive, there are sand dunes sparkling in the sunshine, endless greenery on 2km-long beach. Sea water is very clean and clear. Sunset is a must to enjoy in the western side of the island where there is a nice bridge made of mangrove plants. Quan Lan is famous for its seafood: crabs, squids, snails, sea gherkins… and ideal spot for eco­-tourism and camping.

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