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Southern Laos, bordered on the west by the Mekong (with Thailand on the far side), with Cambodia to the south and Vietnam across the mountains to the east, offers a great diversity of attractions in close proximity. Some of the larger towns have large Vietnamese and Chinese populations and feel distinctly Indochinese, while Champasak still carries the unexpected air of a former tiny Lao royal principality. Travellers seeking insights into ancient history and culture will want to linger at the Khmer ...
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Ancient Laos 4 days

Serene Laos is one of Asia's most unvisited and charming countries, still retaining its colonial character from the time of Laos’s kingdom. This tour allows you to experience the gorgeous unspoiled forest that teems with ...

Classic Laos 5 days

Visiting Laos capital city where many acient monuments and stupas. Up there in Luang Prabang, you experience the ancient kingdom of Laos where traditionally remain uncharged in century. Perhaps drop a text book to local kid ...

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