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Myanma Airways to change name

State-run Myanma Airways will be renamed Myanmar National Airways once a new aviation legislation is passed.

Once the Myanmar Aviation Bill, which has been submitted and deliberated in the Lower House of Parliament becomes law it will allows significant changes to the state owned airline and its management structure.

Myanma Airways managing director, Than Tun, said the legislation has been approved by Upper House and is awaiting approval of  the Lower House.

“Only after the enactment of the law, can the name Myanma Airways be changed to Myanmar National Airways and changes can be made to the airline’s commercial charter,” he said.

The airline is also discussing with aviation consultant, Avia Solution Group, on how to upgrade its operations and be commercially competitive on a regional basis.

Myanma Airlines is supposed to lease 10 new Boeing aircraft from US-based GE Capital Aviation Services. After taking deliveries of the aircraft, international flights will be established. The leasing deal was signed in Singapore on February 11.

With the government approval, the state-run airline can move foward and  confirm the lease  of six Boeing 737-800 and four Boeing 737-8MAX. The aircraft should be delivered from June 2015 to 2020. The airline will also buy six ATR 72-600 aircraft for domestic services.

The state-owned airline was formed in September 1948 and has made most of its revenue by letting other airlines provide services in exchange for a share of equity or the payment of royalties. Since the 2013/2014 fiscal year the airline has started to fund its own expansion.

Currently, the airline flies to 26 towns in Myanmar with a fleet of nine aircraft – three ATR72s, one ATR42, three Beech 1900D and two Embraer 190. They also have two cargo planes; a MA 60 and a F28.

Source: ttrweekly

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