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International visitors select a destination Nha Trang Summer 2014

In the information about ” The ideal destination in summer 2014 ,” Price Of Travel travel sites suggested Nha Trang is a worthy destination for visitors to opt into summer .

According to this site , Nha Trang is a popular tourist town located on the southeastern coast of Vietnam . Because the bay is surrounded by round as Nha Trang or Van Phong Nha Trang … a perfect natural picture with sea , islands , mountains, rivers , fields, villages … Standing on high looking down , Nha Trang fascinated visitors with white-sand beaches , the exotic island lying offshore . Places like Hon Tre, Hon Mun , monkey island , Orchid stream island Yen , Nha Phu lagoon , Dai Lanh beach , long beach in Cam Ranh … is the place where tourists should not ignore .
Unlike other areas , Nha Trang has its own unique weather with little rainfall in the summer , this is ideal for you spoiled dive into blue water or lying on the beach basking in the beautiful this . A further point is the food great , the rustic but charming her as : jellyfish noodles , fried fish cake soup , bread house … with affordable price . Not only that , rates here are also great , just spent $ 10 that you can sit down in a nice clean room with a full range of essential items .
Nha Trang City on the night peaceful and friendly , you can walk around the night market , sat sipping a delicious cocktail at the seaside or soak in the vibrant music along club Beside the sea … that , hospitality, friendliness of the townspeople Sea is also a plus in the eyes of visiting here .
In addition to Nha Trang , the list of ideal destination in the summer , there are many other familiar landmarks of Asia and the world as : Bali ( Indonesia ) , Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia ) , Beirut ( Lebanon ) , Istanbul ( Turkey Turkey ) , Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ) ….
Source : VNA

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