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Lan Ha Bay – pristine beauty of morning dew

Lan Ha Bay is located south of Ha Long Bay ( Quang Ninh ) and east of the island of Cat Ba ( Hai Phong ) , there is a wider area 7,000 ha, of which 5,400 ha is under the management of Cat Ba National Park .

Lan Ha Bay attracts visitors even if they never once set foot in this place by the name lightly refined ” Lan Ha ” , the name that calls to mind the image of a bouquet of orchids down earthly . Fragile beauty , glamor from the name piqued the curiosity of visitors .

And upon arrival here , apart from the beautiful beaches and pretty pristine , Lan Ha Bay also attracts visitors by the spectacular limestone mountains stay above the sea . The boat tour will take visitors experience the beauty of the bay while going through the limestone mountains many different shapes but entirely natural . If you do not want to visit the bay by boat tour , adventurous visitors can go on the colorful kayaks to explore the bay . Lan Ha at this beauty will appear so close and vivid .

If the Lan Ha Bay during the summer months , visitors can feel the beauty of the brilliant blue sea , white sand , golden sunshine , when the weather with Lan Ha in February , March , to put on here its a very different beauty . With the cold weather will last a mild spring rains will make a beautiful Lan Ha floating in the mist . This will make visitors not surprised to find out as to be lost in place ” Penglai , first sight ” with hidden limestone at , at present . Indeed , nature has spent plenty of incentive for this place , to create a real time Lan Ha gentle, loving , lively and at times , brilliant .

In addition, there is the Lan Ha Bay Van Gia fishing village over 100 years old with hundreds of families living by fishing , aquaculture seafood served tourists . Surely with gentle sea air , fresh seafood along the coast from strong , liberal , Lan Ha will Footbinding tourists have arrived here .

Source: Thu Thuy

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