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More than 70% of international tourists willing to return to Vietnam

More than 70% of international tourists was pleased to famous destinations of Vietnam, ready to go back or recommend to friends and relatives to this point in the future.

A survey of tourism is believed to be very useful to obtain information about the needs of tourists at each destination, tourists’ perceptions of sustainable tourism development, environmentally responsible and society at each destination are the Project management Unit of capacity development programs responsible tourism and social environment (EU project) done. Phase I of this investigation has ended and newly published results, consult the experts before implementing tourism Phase 2, from May 7-9/2014.

Through the investigation conducted for 1,543 tourists in the country (757 people) and International (786 people) in 5 pilot points to Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ha Long and Sa Pa, experts EU project, said the results of this investigation are needed to cater for the marketing research and product development.
The survey results showed quite satisfactory, average spending of international visitors each overnight stay is $ 102.3 / day, while for domestic tourists staying overnight was 1.3 million / day (equivalent to 62 USD). In 5 points to above, Ha Long is home to the highest average cost is $ 125.1 / day for international visitors and 1.6 million / day for domestic tourists.
Hue are places where the lowest average cost for international visitors with 75.6 USD / day and Hoi An is to have the cheapest cost of living in the country is 900.000d/ngay (this cost is not taking into account the cost of transporting tourists to the destination). Form of travel in groups and self-organization rather than to the tour. Regarding accommodation establishments, 3-5 star hotels or luxury resorts are international tourists preferred, mainly domestic visitors also use popular accommodation establishments or 3 star hotel.
Among the guests staying overnight, international tourists spent the largest part of total costs for accommodation, then for the catering services. In contrast, the cost of living in many parts water for food, then the means of transport and accommodation. Additional information before traveling international visitors mainly internet, there are domestic tourists mainly through internet reference and watch TV …
Also from the survey, international tourists assessment, destinations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Ha Long, Hue and Sa Pa are most international visitors put on destination wish list want.
Of these, over 70% of international visitors said they were happy to stay there, ready to go back. Hoi An is chosen to be the first international visitors when returning to Vietnam. Even 65% of domestic tourists vowed to back the favorite tourist destinations in the country at any time.
Almost all visitors of 2 groups were planning to introduce friends and family to this point in the future. Things to do when guests travel destinations in Vietnam is the natural landscape and the friendliness of the people.
Both groups are international and domestic destinations comment surveyed friendly environment and visitors here have respect for the culture and the local environment. Things satisfied customer at least at the destination as visitors unsettled condition of the sale, price discrimination between locals and tourists, tourist services and public transport is not good …
Currently, the EU project managers continue to collect opinions of experts and share information in order to complete the deployment phase II investigation in point 5 above, then complete and will report the results table assigned to the General Administration of Tourism (VNAT) and locally relevant.
Through the organization of tourist survey, EU project support capacity building on the work of VNAT statistics, including the collection, analysis, management and dissemination of information and industry data , which has helped TCDL-depth research on tourism statistics and developing strategic planning.
The survey results will also contribute to the local data needed as a basis for making investment orientation, development planning, promotional planning, attracting tourists. However, this is a model project by the EU project piloted.
This result is only for reference by survey number is too low, not to ensure a representative sample. It is said that the second phase of investigation should extend at different times, more locations, construction documentation to the local train. TCDL should also conduct statistical surveys travel frequently, continuous, universal in the future to better serve the market research and product development.

Source: The Tourist

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