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Phan Thiet ready for the summer tourist season

 As the summer heat begins to appear early in Phan Thiet city is preparing to launch the tourism activities in the summer . This year , the weather in many southern provinces more heat than usual destinations of Phan Thiet , the many visitors to the selection group , thanks to the advantage in green beaches , cool combination of resort shady coconut .

Peak summer tourist season in Phan Thiet is usually marked by the holiday tour , 30/4 and 1/5 . And this year is no exception. However, current activities related to the preparation visitors have a meaningful summer vacation has been the tourism industry in Phan Thiet done pretty soon . But about a month or so before the holiday season , but this time there were many delegations from the city . Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces of the Southeast registration tourism resort in the capital Ham Tien – Mui Ne . Some resort communities in the region , said Rom , now booking holiday visitors to the end of April next day had reached 60-70 % capacity .

” To ensure better service for travelers to have a summer vacation at the impressive coastal city , we are quite technical preparations . Currently, the resort ‘s website publicly listed room rate and the food service and entertainment for visitors to easily access and enter reservation ” – Nguyen Thanh Binh , Head of Reception Area 1 tourist Rom said . In general , the listed price during peak summer holidays are at an appropriate level , increased only slightly, from level 5 to 10 % compared to weekdays . On account of price accommodation catering , leisure tourists to the Ham Tien – Mui Ne absolutely can rest assured , because the resort management boards and local authorities here do pretty good work propagation and handling of violations should be very infrequent visitors logging slash .

This year , the holiday season , 30/4 and 1/5 , the time marked the beginning of summer tour dates fall on 2 4th and 5th according to information from the tourist areas , there will be many business units for the employee to take leave to five days , counting the whole weekend . As the holiday period should extend to cater to visitors in the best way , the resort has plans to organize more service -rich entertainment . At the picnic area Rom community , the resort here actively cooperates with the rental store sports equipment like canoes on the beach , kitesurfing , windsurfing … is popular with visitors forecast . At the same time to ensure the work of rescue and salvage , the resort staff enhanced 24 /24 . The burden is also limited street or orderly arrangement to ensure that the delegation had no time to organize group games . Besides , the issue of ensuring food safety for tourists Management Board also resort Ham Tien – Mui Ne resort here and very focused . Currently, many resort to contracting with seafood purchasing procurement prestigious bowl . And rich seafood will ensure sufficient supply for tourists in summer . Also, if tourists want to manually choose seafood from local fishermen , many resorts also arrange all kinds of securities balance at the booth so guests can eat in quantity assured .

The summer months are a time when the resort community activities with the highest capacity . In addition , the regional Rom Ganh area , Long Son – Suoi Tien Tourist Area Water and City also attracted many tourists in the country . In contrast , in the resort in the heart Ham Tien – Mui Ne , the moment still plenty of rooms available international travelers paid out after the winter months . And to attract customers , many resorts here aimed at the domestic audience that the company , a large scale enterprises . Also planned lower room rate and food services .

2014 summer tourist season is approaching . Phan Thiet beach in green , cool combination of palm-fringed resort will be a destination not to be missed , if you want to relieve the sweltering heat .

Source: The Binh Thuan

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