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Tasting hot sweet soup in winter

It is a wonderful experience to walk around corners of the city in an afternoon and drop by a roadside restaurant to enjoy a bowl of hot sweet soup with the flavors of sugar mixed in beans, cassava or sweet potato. They remind people of the winter of Hanoi rather than any type of street-food because you only have a chance to taste them in winter. And only by trying them in the cold wind, can you feel its best flavor.

Green rice  Flake Sweet Soup (Che Com)

Apart form serving green rice flakes with banana, people also use this ingredient to make many dishes such as green rice flake pies, green rice flake cake and steamd glutinous rice with green rice flake. Especially, you will have chance to try greeb rice cake sweet soup in Hanoi

To enjoy this delicious dish, you must travel to markets with many small restaurants of sweer soup sold many kinds of sweet soup of Hanoi, At present, you can enjoy this dish at Thanh Cong market at reasonable price. With only 10.000 VND ( 0,5 USD) you can state a bowl of green flaje sweet soup.

Banh Troi Tau, Luc Tau Xa, Chi Ma Phu

Banh Troi Tau often includes two prices of powder with two different stuffings soaked into dense soup with the flavor of ginger. Luc Tau Xa is the green bean sweet soup with the aromo of tangerine skin. Chi Ma Phu is made of black sesame with a very special taste.

Luc Tau Xa is originated from China. In the local language of Guangdong. Luc Tau Xa means pounder green bean and this dish is cooked with green bean without skins, wheat, dry tangerine skin and sugar, Green bean is cooked with cassave wheat and sugar. Then add dry tangerine skin and cook until the mixture become dense. A delicious Luc Tau Xa dish must contain tangerine skin.

The cool flavor of green bean, the viscous of cassava powder and the pungent of tangerine skin will bring about a fantasic experience for your taste buds.

Chi Ma Phu is also known as black sesame sweet soup because it main ingredient is black sesame. This ingredient is ground and cooked with sugar. In addition, lemon leaves are added to increase it aroma. This recipe is very simple but it requires a very professional skill of cooks.

Taro And Corn Sweet Soup (Che Khoai Mon)

Simple food such as taro or corn sweet soup has become favorite dishes in winter. To make taro sweet soup delicious, taro must be cooked to be soft. The dense of cassava powder and the aroma of coconut milk will make the soup nutty, fatty and fragrant. For a delicious bowl of corn sweet soup, corn must be also cooked to be soft and served with the leathery taste of small pearls and coconut milk. Each bowl of sweet soup enchants guests once tasting it.

Ba Cot Sweet Soup

Ba cot sweet soup is a traditional food with the sweet flavor of sugar and the pungent of fresh ginger to bring about warm fellings in cold winter days. Its ingredients include glutinous rice, brown color or molasses and ginger.

Glutinous rice is soaked into water in 1 -2 hours, and then left drain, After that, cook the rice as porridge. Ginger is washed and peeled, ground for its extract. Sugar is mixed in water and pour to the glutinous rice. You can also add sugar directly to the glutinous rice when the rice is cooked. When the soup is viscous, add ginger extract and stir regularly. Use a spoon to try steamed glutinous rice with sweet soup to feel its delicious flavor.

Hot Cassava Sweet Soup

In recent years, cassava sweet soup has become a favorite food of diners. However, until when the cold wind blows out, can you have a chance to taste this delicious dish. Cassava order that when being cooked, it will become soft and starchy.

The most sophistacated step is preparing the soup. Firstly, sugar is mixed with warm water to be melted quickly until the soup is sweet enough. Then, add a little powder and boil on low fire while stirring regularly to make the soup not to be overcooked. When the soup is boiled, pour pieces of cassava into it to make them soaked in the sweet flavor. Pieces of cassava mixed with golden brown sweet soup will be a memorable taste.

Source: Hai Le

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