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These attractive tourist destinations in Dien Bien

Besides the historic sites , Dien Bien also attractive because the place has great scenery and closeness to nature . Dien Bien is eagerly preparing for the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu victory . Tourists come here to live in the atmosphere of the epic battles in the past and visit the famous sights .

1 . Acres of Muong Thanh
Season rice , Muong Thanh field tension filled life , like a beautiful painting with a small green lush little stretching headline or golden color under the sun at the time of grain . With an area of ​​4,000 hectares , spread throughout the basin Dien Bien , Muong Thanh field is considered to be the Northwest ‘s largest , became the granary of the province of Dien Bien . Many tourists like to visit in late September , when the rice crop ripening by the view from on high , Muong Thanh field as a golden valley with thousands of fragrant incense fragrant rice .
2 . Cavity Lake Pa
With its rich vegetation , lakes and forests around the brightly blooming orchid gardens , lakes Pa chamber is suitable for resort . If you like a mystical scene , come winter , let the mist covered lake creates a dreamy landscape .
And in the summer , fresh air , cool , visitors can enjoy panoramic clouds away water garden or sailing excursions , sightseeing beautiful natural charm made ​​of affliction as to be left behind . Not only beautiful natural scenery , this place also intrigued by the cultural identity of many unique traditional ethnic Thai , Kho Mu …
3 . Pha Din Pass
Located on Highway 6 from Hanoi to Dien Bien , Pass is considered the boundary between the two provinces of Son La and Dien Bien , was dubbed the ” four great pass, ” Northwest with a length of 32 km . This is one of the most dangerous stretch of road in Vietnam. Pha Din according to the local language means heaven and earth , where denotes the junction between heaven and earth .
With more than 1200 meters altitude above the sea level , the mountain pass road uphill , downhill zigzag time , with a protruding side is steep mountain slopes , across deep chasms . Pha Din Pass Crossing is an impressive journey gives visitors the exciting experience , especially sention hand , to explore the natural and unspoiled grandeur .
4 . Cave Pa Thom
The center of the city about 30 km , the Pa Thom lies halfway up the mountain , famous as a beautiful work , the people here call ” hang many flower fairies ” , with the legend , the myth of love couples .
Through small streets , you’ll see the entrance to the center is a giant boulder -like elephant head is drooping . Action 9 arches , large and small , have brought many stalactites shapes vivid , fanciful colors . Inside the walls is the emulsion volume as large eddies flowing , flowing iridescent . From the cave entrance , panoramic away , visitors will admire the unspoiled natural scenery , enjoy the fresh air , quiet . Cave has been recognized as a national monument in 2009.
5 . Cave Conditioner
Considered to be one of the most beautiful in Dien Bien , where carrying a mysterious beauty , tourists come here as being located on a pristine place interesting . With a length of 700 meters , including the big 5 different small compartments , the roof is overhanging rocks sparkling with the soft lines , such as flexible waterfalls . Each block is flowing like stalactites with countless sparkling beads adhesive . Below are the forest floor stalagmites , stalactites multifold with strange shapes , attractive .
6 . Border fork Milestone A Pa Chai
Being a mountainous places farthest northwest of the country, A Pa Chai milestone demarcate the border between the three countries Vietnam – Laos – China , where a crow , and hear the water 3 .
A Pa Chai junction has long been enthusiasts discover considered one of the destinations to conquer difficult and most interesting by way up on the top border posts are still wild , difficult and dangerous . Upon arriving here , visitors will be amazed mixed proud beauty of alpine adventure carried around in clouds .
7 . Fair highland Thang Ta Sin
The small markets , meeting right in the center of the valley sides between the mountain commune , white mist floating spread . Here, visitors will admire the full colors of a fair northwestern highlands sides between the protruding rocks .. This is not just a place to buy sell and exchange goods , but also a day to gather Assembly of the people here .
To the northwest , the market is going to go out , the exchange, to understand your situation , choose a partner who should not rush . They wear the most beautiful dress , the most brilliant down market . Bustling especially those selling food such as sticky rice , try to win . Boiling pot of Thang continental platform on the kitchen always busiest on , the PE side of the bowl -scented wine with bold highlands are cultural tourist attraction everywhere.
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