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World Tourism Day 2014: Celebrating Tourism and Community Development

With the theme “Tourism and Community Development,” World Tourism Day 2014 emphasizes the potential of the tourism industry in bringing livelihood opportunities for communities worldwide and to promote the participation of community in the development of sustainable tourism.

This year’s theme also contribute to shed light on the contribution of tourism to the sustainable development goals, development plans of the UN after 2015, which placed great emphasis on the participation of local communities.
In the private messages sent by the World Tourism Day 2014, UNWTO Secretary General, Taleb Rifai stressed “every once traveled, we use the means of transportation at the destination, or buying the products of people local news is that we have contributed to create jobs and bring benefits to the community as well as bring local people new opportunities with a better future. “”Tourism can only prosper if joined with local communities to create social value, and will not actually travel if the process of developing tourism activities damaging to the cultural values ​​of the local community or if social and economic benefits tourism revenue is not shared with local communities. “
Celebration of World Tourism Day 2014 will officially be held in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico on 09.27.2014 in the presence of ministers, development experts and industry representatives to discuss tourism on issues related to the development of community-based tourism in favor of sustainable development.
Source: Pham Thanh (loosely translated from UNWTO)

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